30 Rock “The Shower Principle” Review

This year’s gonna be different!

The shower principle – moments of inspiration that occur when the brain is distracted from the problem at hand. Is this a real thing? I googled it but of course I got nothing but page after page of articles relating to 30 Rock. This happens to me all the time but I refer to it as procrastination. Although I do experience an astounding amount of mental clarity while in the shower, I also have these moments when I’m putting off something I don’t feel like doing. I think this also happens to me while watching 30 Rock. There are times when I should be engaged in the show and one comment will send me off on a mental tangent during which I may have an epiphany or think of a new project I’d like to undertake. I’ve been referring to that as the 30 Rock digression. Should a show have that effect? Probably not. Read More...



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