Bully - Review

CALL FOR HELP Alex is a smart kid who is picked on in the compelling new documentary Bully

Harvey Weinstein never met a ratings controversy that he couldn't massage into a publicity campaign. He did it in the '90s, when he turned up the heat on the teensploitation psychodrama Kids, all because the film received a rating of NC-17 (which it probably deserved). He did it two years ago, when the downbeat-sexy Blue Valentine got slapped with the same scarlet letter (which it didn't deserve at all). But in the case of Bully, Weinstein isn't justmounting a PR blitz — he's fighting the good fight. The movie is a sensitive and eye-opening documentary about the epidemic of bullying in American public schools. It's a film that would do well to be seen by as many teenagers as possible, and Weinstein had wanted to show it in schools. Yet Bully received an R rating, all because the F-word is used in it a handful of times. The Weinstein Co. has now decided to release Bully unrated. This doesn't solve the problem, since some theaters refuse to show unrated movies. So the very audience that Bully was made for still might have a hard time getting near it. Read More...



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