Wrath of the Titans Review

How can a movie that's so big feel so small? Full of mythological beasts aplenty, hardened heroes of legend and the gods themselves -- all caught up in a struggle where the fate of mankind (and god-kind) lies in the balance -- Wrath of the Titansnonetheless manages to play as hollow and empty. 

In that way, the film -- a sequel of course to 2010's Clash of the Titans -- is much like the cavernous Underworld where our heroes are questing. The realm of Hades (Ralph Fiennes), this is where the souls of the dead spend eternity. Only there are virtually no such shades to be found once our hero Perseus arrives there. Yes, his A-list counterparts are on hand for some soundstage histrionics, but the depth, the flesh of the Underworld of legend just isn't present. This doesn't feel like the sad, blighted home of countless generations of forgotten souls so much as it does the inside of a computer artist's workstation. Read More...



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