Awake: "Oregon" Review


Whereas "Kate is Enough" felt like a bit of a stand-alone story focusing on Britten's heightened anxiety over Rex's grief, "Oregon" stepped in and launched the series forward, introducing one of Britten's worlds to a rather apropos serial killer. And while this show still has yet to re-address the conversation it showed us between Harper and the mystery man at the end of "The Little Guy," I still give it points for giving us the start of another ongoing thread. It may lead us all to ruin, but I appreciate the ambition. 

Yes, dropping a nefarious serial killer into the mix could spell either salvation or disaster. On one hand, it leads us into more absurdist TV crime-show cliche territory. But, on the other hand, if it's done well it can provide us all with an actual person for Brittento pursue; an embodiment of his split psychosis. A man obsessed with duality. A possible arch-nemesis. Now all I can hope for, after the end of this episode, is that Gemini also somehow pops up in the "Red" world, fully taking advantage of this show's clever use of congruent realities. Read More...


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