Touch: "Safety in Numbers" Review

While not as tedious as last week's "1+1=3," "Safety in Numbers" came very close to being derailed by an exceedingly dumb global, by way of Coachella, internet dance-off, headlined by a pop-locker, krumper known simply as The Beastmaster. Yes, there were definitely moments of forward momentum in this episode, but I fear that, going forward, they'll always be tempered by egregiously saccharine moments of character optimism. Well, that and kids in foreign lands being obsessed with some sort of Western pop culture. 

I suppose the success rate here will always come down to the execution. This show can do things well, but it can also really s*** the bed. The girl in the red dress at Coachella, looking up from her cell phone intermittently with a corny "fresh off the bus from Kansas" smile, was excruciating. As was her dejection after she realized that she'd been stood up by some dude she'd met online. The only decent thing to come of her story, and eventual pairing with Beastmaster, was the return of the Japanese fangirls and their world-share phone. But, with all the usual conveniences and contrivances that one's supposed to overlook on Touch, it was just too much for me to actually buy that Red Dress could get cell phone reception at Coachella! Too much, I tell you. Too much. Read More...


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