Justified: "Measures" Review


We're aiming towards the end of Season 3 for Justified, with only two more weeks after this episode, "Measures." Amusingly, the end of Season 3 of Breaking Bad -- another show I review for IGN -- ended with the episodes "Half Measures" and "Full Measure." [Breaking Bad: Season 3 spoilers follow! Jump to the next paragraph if you haven't seen]. In that storyline, Walt killed two drug dealers to save Jesse from death. They then spent the second of the two episodes hiding from justice and, eventually, saving their own lives by killing the only person who could replace them. 

"Measures" is an appropriate name for this episode and for the series itself. Breaking Bad has detailed plans by its characters, which Justified lacks. That's not to say the Justified writers don't plan things for their characters -- on the contrary -- but that the characters often fly by the seat of their pants. Both incorporate a lot of anger and impulse, but the use of those two is maybe the biggest difference between Justified and Breaking Bad (and also that Raylan is part of the law). That is, where Walt would plan a big coup, Quarles is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  Read More...



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