Alcatraz: "Garrett Stillman" Review

Lucy's return to the present day team is a huge boost to the group dynamic and an improvement for the show itself. First and foremost, she brings some much needed heart and personality to Alcatraz that has been missing. Her personal relationship withHauser reveals a much more intriguing individual behind the man we've gotten to know thus far. We've seen hints of it in flashbacks but Lucy reveals a romantic, devoted side to Hauser that brings a lot to his character. It's important to know Hauser's motivation. I think most of the audience could piece it together but it's good to hear it coming from Lucy herself and to understand their relationship just a little bit more. Her clever little quip about Hauser shooting everyone was cute and the show needs more of that kind of personal joking and interaction. One thing that I hate about Alcatraz is that these characters never seem like they're having much fun. Even Hauser gets minimal joy out of shooting someone. Lucy gets shot and she's able to come back to the work place and crack a joke. Alcatraz needs more of that. Read More...


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