The Secret Circle “Sacrifice” Review

This week on The Secret Circle everyone was just a little bit stupider than they usually are. In ‘Sacrifice’, Samuel, an old witch hunter buddy of Jake’s, comes into town to tell John that Eben, the witch hunter who tried to kill John, wants to raise up demons and use their power to slay witches. It’s important that John knows this because sixteen years ago John tried to raise up the demons himself as part of a plan to protect his circle.

John’s attempts to stop Eben are thwarted by his own stupidity. (It’s nice to know that Cassie isn’t just being dense, her stupidity is genetic and therefore somewhat excusable.) John traps Samuel in a dirt circle because he realises there’s a demon inside him — which makes Samuel the sacrifice of the title. With Samuel possessed, the spell is begun that will raise more demons. (Which feels a bit ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ but I’ll let it slide.) Then Eben arrives and knocks John out cold before getting himself possessed by all the demons, yo. Read More... 


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