Touch “Safety in Numbers” Review

‘Safety in Numbers’ was this week’s episode of Touch. It showed storylines in New York, California and Soweto — everything from a man with abilities like Jake trying to fix a problem he inadvertently caused, to a woman who attempts to save her friend from an abusive relationship. In theory this episode had all the elements needed to create something much like episodes 1 and 2, where people and events were linked and Jake’s numbers or Martin’s presence facilitated even more links. Instead ‘Safety in Numbers’ was a bit of a mess.

Touch has all the makings of a great TV series — it’s easy on the eye, has a great cast and a wonderful use of global locations. But it relies heavily on forming and maintaining the links between characters. A potential link like the one between Clea and the woman who has her mother’s phone that fails before it even begins is a plot point. It makes us wonder why the woman had the phone and where Clea’s mother may be. The storyline with the abused woman and her friend in Soweto, one that is associated with another storyline but has absolutely nothing to do with the overall episode, is less of a plot point and more a confusing unnecessary addition to the episode. Read More... 


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