Spartacus: Vengeance “Wrath of the Gods” Review – A Bloody End!

So the season 2 finale episode of Spartacus: Vengeance "Wrath of the Gods" aired tonight and it was a bloodbath. But before I talk about the insanity of this episode, I need to mention a couple of things first:

1) Unfortunately, your regular reviewer Axechucker is unavailable to review this final episode of the season, so I will take over for him and hopefully make him proud.

2) This is the first season of Spartacus that I have watched. I half watched the first episode of season 1 and then gave it up because I didn’t think it was for me. But after hearing a lot of praise for it by none other than Axechucker, I decided to give it a shot this season and absolutely fell in love with it. Seriously I think I love it as much as Game of Thrones (incidentally another show that Axechucker was raving about, do I see a pattern here?) So now I am totally addicted to the show and will be catching up to Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Gods of the Arena now that the season is over. Read More... 


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