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Fringe “Nothing As It Seems” Review

One of the more interesting side effects of how Fringe has changed things around is that there is the possibility of revisiting past stories and characters while still keeping them fresh since this timeline is still “different” from the previous three seasons. We’ve already seen this happen this year with the different type of shifters and the return of David Robert Jones. What we never had was a case the Fringe team had handled previously occur in the new timeline, that is until tonight’s episode.

Hey this all looks way too familiar…

The way “Nothing As It Seems” opened, I wouldn’t have blamed you if you thought you were tuning in to a rerun. In fact, it was almost a direct copy of the opening for the Season 1 episode “The Transformation”. The big difference is that Marshall Bowman does not change into monster in the airplane lavatory that leads to a plane crash. Instead Marshall controls himself just long enough to be detained by TSA and then go berserk on a pair of agents before dying himself. While Peter recognizes that this is the same case he helped solve before, there are elements that lead things in a completely different direction. Read More... 

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