Game of Thrones Season 2 Advance Review – Bigger, Better, Bloodier, Boobier

Hello, my little birds.

Many of you don’t know me from Addam Marbrand, so please, allow me to make my introduction. Tobias J. "Axechucker" McGuffin at your service, here to give weekly reviews of each episode of Game of Thrones‘ second season. Some of you may know me for my Sparty Parties here at, or for the fierce yet troubled love I have for The Walking Dead. Others (White Walkers) know me for redefining the word FaBulous whilst writing for, the premiere Game of Thrones fan site, and have followed me here just to get one more weekly Westerosi fix.

Those of you that don’t know me, I warn you: my opinions often fly in the face of book purists, and my lewd tongue can sometimes anger the more puritanical pundits. (My puerile pontifications and peculiar patter can produce piques, to be plain.) I am, in many ways, an acquired taste… but in the end, you will love me for legal service faithfully rendered. Oh yes you will. Read More... 


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