House of Lies “The Mayan Apocalypse” Season Finale Review

After ten episodes, we have come to the end of Don Cheadle’s Emmy Vehicle, also known as House of Lies first season. While most of the episode was spent tidying up the merger situation, there were also some strong setup for more storylines in future seasons.

A really troubling aspect of the final episode of the season was Roscoe’s decision to go live with his mother. Normally, it would be understandable given Marty’s inability to excel at consulting and parenting, but Roscoe’s mother is absolutely bananas. The idea that Roscoe would go live with his crazy mom as a means to punish his dad seems a little shortsighted. Granted, he is 12(?), but I’m pretty sure Roscoe is aware of why he lives with his father. In addition, he’s got a built-in fall back support system with his grandfather in place. I don’t get this entire storyline. I know that Roscoe and his dad need their relationship to hit rock bottom, but taking the step to live with his mother seems a bit much. More importantly, I hope that this issue resolves itself quickly in season two. Marty’s work is far more interesting than his home life. Read More... 


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