Mad Men “Tea Leaves” Review

This week’s episode of Mad Men, "Tea Leaves," answered the question of where Betty Draper…excuse me…Francis was during last week’s two hour opener: on the couch eating junk food in a muumuu. Thanks to a heavier version of the prosthetic makeup that Peggy wore in season one when she was pregnant, beautiful Barbie Betty has gained quite a bit of weight. Is it wrong that I don’t feel sorry for her? This is, after all, the same woman who once worried that a minor car accident would scar her daughter and make her too ugly to ever get married.

Still, because she’s a politician’s wife, Betty has to go to functions and be pretty; at the urging of her mother-in-law, she visits a doctor for a diet pill prescription (which I was totally hoping would end up in aValley of the Dolls situation), only to find out during the routine examination that she has a lump on her thyroid.

Betty contemplating her death is an interesting thing. In any other show, it might have led to some sort of epiphany about how horrible she’s been to her loved ones and how, like Scrooge, she needs to change her life. Yeah…that’s totally not Betty, although she does have a moment when a random woman reads her tea leaves and tells her she’s the rock of her family. It’s not clear whether she breaks down at this because she knows how ridiculously untrue it is, or because she honestly thinks her children would be worse off without her. I hate to say it, but my vote is with the latter. Betty is nothing if not blind to herself. Read More... 


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