Gossip Girl “Con Heir” Review

Welcome back, Gossipers. Have you been spending the hiatus coming up with creative ways to break up Dan and Blair, or was that just me? No offense, Dair fans…you know you were doing the same thing with her and Chuck not so long ago. Alas, this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, "Con Heir," picked up not too long after the great love confession that made most of us want to hurl. And while I really wish I could be the better person and get over it (as several of you commenters so kindly suggested), it still just doesn’t make any sense to me.

So, Blair and Dan is happening. Yet I take consolation in this one tiny little fact: it’s not happening without a lot of alcohol. Apparently Blair and Dan have terrible sober sex. It’s only when they’re both liquored up and in an elevator (or in a Brooklyn alley…unsanitary!!) that they can have any sort of a satisfying physical relationship. Yes, I can see why that makes for such an excellent love story, and why the amazing sex she had with Chuck without so much as a drop of tacky red wine would so quickly fade from her memory. Read More...



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