House “Blowing the Whistle” Review

House returned with an interesting installment with "Blowing the Whistle". Also making a big return to network TV is Sharif Atkins, yet again playing a loyal service member like he did as Michael Gallant onER way back in 2006. Atkins is playing Hayes Macklin, a member of the army whose brother is coming back from the war. However, instead of a triumphant return stateside, his brother Brant returns in handcuffs as a traitor.

One of the funny tropes of this show that you just have to go with has been all of the chatter that takes place in the exam rooms. I mean, they have all kinds of different people in these rooms, and they always discuss with completely seriousness the philosophical and moral implications of whatever it is they do. Be it prostitutes, politicians, or criminals, they’re always moralizing and debating crap in there. However, I think this episode takes the cake in sheer amount of chatter. They just wouldn’t shut up about whether or not he’s a traitor, why he did what he did, and whether or not it was for honor. It’s so annoying. They debate and discuss until the patient yells "I can’t feel my legs", then cut to commercial. Read More... 


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