Person of Interest 1.18 'Identity Crisis' Review

How can someone’s identity truly be defined? Is it merely how they are perceived by others or is it the measure of what a man (or woman) has done that dictates who they are? In the latest episode of Person of Interest both of these concepts were examined as a POI popped up with two names and one social security number. While Finch and Reese split the tailing duties to figure out who the real Jordan Hester is, there’s a side storyline with Detective Carter meeting with yet another mysterious agent who claims that Reese needs to be taken down.

This story presents an interesting situation regarding John Reese. From all that we’ve seen at home we know that the past operations Reese has been involved with have actually happened. There have been flashbacks that attest to his domestic activities under the leadership of a certain faction of the CIA. Week in and week out, Reese has zero qualms about using brutal means to get the job done and that also leads to the simple fact that Reese has killed before—he has no real issue with doing it at this point. But Agent Donnelly is using these personality traits to paint Reese as a cold-blooded mercenary who’s actually working under Elias which the viewer at home knows is not true and can hope that Det. Carter won’t be suckered into that line of thinking either. The Reese that she knows right now is a sort of Reese 2.0 who uses his skills to try to help people. Read More...


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