Grimm 1.15 "Island of Dreams" Review

Using a callback can be a pretty tricky thing for a series to do. You don't want to rely on previous events in lieu of creating new ones, but utilized properly, they can help create a tighter world for the main characters to inhabit. Particularly within a procedural like Grimm, having a recurring peripheral character can help the show highlight the fact that life isn't as neat and orderly as had been previously indicated. Cases go unsolved, the bad guy can get away, and even when you think you're doing something for the greater good, you can sometimes unleash more than you bargained for.

"Island of Dreams" follows Grimm's recent trend of adding more serial elements, stacking the number of guest appearances and flashbacks like a mountain of playing cards. I liked seeing Adalind for the fourth time, only because each of her appearances has only scratched the surface on a potentially potent character. There's something about her presence on screen that's extremely unsettling, like she's the type of baddie people constantly underestimate before she takes them down, and digging into her motives a little more can only heighten the fear factor. Especially when you take into account that Captain Renard had a hand in getting her to make the cookies that have been messing with Hank's head and nearly killed Wu; it adds a level of conspiracy theory and general wonderment, in that Renard has showed how dangerous he can be and you have to wonder why he's pulling Adalind's strings. Are the two fully working together or is Renard the one truly in control and using her to carry out his bidding? And what exactly is he after? Grimm may not go to the Renard pool as much, but each layer they peel back makes him a more interesting character, for his royal blood, what he's hiding from his co-workers, and how terrifying he could potentially be, should he fly off the handle. Read More...


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