Grimm Review: Bloody Cookies

"Island of Dreams" pulled from its past back into the present this week, and, as is always the case with Grimm, we’re left with more questions than answers.

The biggest person to come walking back in to the present is Adalind, who we haven’t seen since Danse Macabre where she attempted to get closer and closer to Hank. As it turns out in our time away from Adalind, Hank decided to keep business and pleasure from intertwining, but that’s nothing a few blood-tainted cookies couldn’t fix.

And Adalind couldn’t have done it without a little help from Captain Renard. Renard continues to slide under the radar, even as we get a little more from every time we see him there always seems to be the half the coin that is shrouded from our vision. Are he and Adalind partners? Or is he much more interested in his goals and, as long as she stays within his limits, she is free to do what she wants? Read More...


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