Lost Girl “Blood Lines” Season Finale Advance Review

Tonight is the season finale of Lost Girl on Syfy. A lot has happened in Season 1. We have learned the backstory of Bo and after consistently running and being on her own, Bo finally has found a "family" in Kenzi, Trick, Dyson and Lauren, somewhat. She has also found her stance. Rather than choosing between the Light and Dark side of the Fae war, she has chosen to remain neutral while running her special brand of detective agency with Kenzi.

However, we have seen Dyson get wrapped up with Saskia and the season finale opens up with a disturbing sequence involving Bo and Saskia. Luckily, all is not what it seems although the truth is even harder to take. Dyson finally reveals information to Bo about her real mother and,naturally, Bo wants to go find her. This troubles everyone around her and results in differing consequences to each of them, some more severe than others. Read More...



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