Mad Men “Mystery Date” Review

I think all fans of Joan around the world gave a collective cheer during "Mystery Date," this week’s episode of Mad Men…and you know what I’m talking about. Yes, it might have taken several years, atour of duty in Vietnam and a baby with dubious parentage, but Joan finally gave her husband his walking papers, reminding him of what we have known all along, and what should have stopped her from marrying him at all…that nice guys don’t rape their future wife on the floor of her boss’s office.

Putting Joan’s marriage into social context, though, it’s clear why she went ahead with the ceremony despite The Incident. She was old by her own standards, Roger was never going to leave his wife (at least not for her) and it would have been a crime for a woman with a body like that to end up a spinster. I am just so glad that the writers let Joan finally stand up for herself and tell her rapist that it was never okay, that it never went away, and that now he has to pay for it. Hopefully by dying for his country. Read More... 


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