Survivor: One World “Just Annihilate Them” Review

Good evening, everybody! Tonight’s episode of Survivor: One World has been brought to you by 7up! The crisp, clean lemon-lime taste of 7up just can’t be beat! 7up, the uncola!

But seriously, Survivor has always been kind of goofy when trying to incorporate product placement into the program (Outback Steakhouse in Heroes Vs. Villains comes to mind), but I understand that it’s a necessary evil. Despite the fact that 7up seemed like an odd choice for a promotional partner, it was a great challenge and good fun to watch. That slide was really freakin’ steep!

While the winning tribe enjoyed their lovely little feast at the beautiful 7up Oasis, Kim and Sabrina started doing some serious strategizing. When I saw Kim call Sabrina over to talk, I thought she was going to ask her if she wanted to look for a clue for the hidden immunity idol. I’m genuinely surprised that nobody brought it up, as there’s usually a clue hidden at these oasis rewards. Read More... 


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