Grey’s Anatomy “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” Review

This episode of Grey’s Anatomy has taught its viewers how to handle a cold, distant, unforgiving husband: just get them to confess to an affair! Suddenly they’ll be after you constantly for your love and forgiveness. The dynamics of Cristina and Hunt might be more frustrating then those of apologetic Grey and sad Derek.

Derick telling Lexie she’s his resident, not his bestie sister-in-law in the world of Seattle Grace is really, really funny. Every doctor we follow has some unbreakable tie to another that probably makes it unethical for them to be working under them (insert on-call room joke here). He’s married to her sister and best friends with her former boyfriend who has a child with her former crush’s ex-wife who’s current wife has apparently slept with a sizable portion of the Seattle Grace docs and support staff. The question still remains, with only about seven episodes separating Arizona’s arrival and the start of her relationship with Callie, when did she have time to hook-up with so many people? Read More... 


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