Awake “That’s Not My Penguin” Review

Michael Britten is starting to lose control over his two worlds. In "That’s Not My Penguin," this week’s episode of Awake, it seems obvious that the two realities are not only bleeding together, but that Michael is having trouble distinguishing what details belong in which one, leading more people in his lives to wonder if he’s simply going crazy.

Interesting, then, that he’s faced with a truly crazy man, a schizophrenic patient in the red reality who takes the ward of a psychiatric hospital hostage in order to reunite with the sister he believes is being held by government officials. At first I thought that maybe Michael would use clues in the blue reality to prove that the story was true, but I ended up being glad that they didn’t go down that road. The sister was actually dead, but Michael was able to manipulate the patient into believing that she was alive, that she’d escaped and they would be together again by realizing that his sister’s nickname for him was Trip because he was a Third. A triple. Totally stolen from Star Trek: Enterprise, by the way. Read More... 


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