Khloe and Lamar Season 2 Episode 6: The Trade

On the latest episode of Khloe and Lamar, the NBA lockout has come to an end and Lamar is anxious to get back in the game. Lamar’s agent calls with a warning that the Lakers roster is up in the air. Trades and negotiations are in the wind he warns, and be prepared for anything. There’s a sense of foreboding when he says maybe it’s time for a change. Lamar isn’t ready to hear that, because the grapevine says his coach was looking forward to coaching him again.

Khloe asks how much notice they would get if he’s traded. Lamar tells her to expect the unexpected, it could happen all in one day. He tells her if he was traded that night, he’d have leave the next day. This is a scary prospect for Khloe, who has never anticipated a trade and leaving her life in L.A. Meanwhile Khloe has an appearance in New York that weekend while all this could transpire. As she leaves for the airport, she realizes their world could change in an instant.  As it happens, Lamar is traded to New Orleans while Khloe is in flight. She can’t reach him by phone so she turns on the radio hoping to get some news and hears Lamar being interviewed.. Listening to the heartache in her husband's voice, it sinks in that Lamar really isn’t going to be a Laker anymore.

Soon after the radio interview, we learn that the New Orleans trade is cancelled.  Now Khloe and Lamar are truly homeless, because if the Lakers tried to trade him, it’s doubtful they’d take him back. Jamie is floored, given Lamar’s record of two championships and being Sixth Man of the Year with the Lakers.  Jamie goes to the house to check on Lamar who has isolated himself and won’t answer the door or the phone.  Khloe still can’t reach him or her family, so she calls Lamar’s agent for some reassurance. He tells her to wait it out a couple of days. While Khloe is flying home, Lamar explores his options with Lakers management. Khloe calls him from the car ride from the airport to find out that a deal has been made. They are going to Texas where Lamar will play for the Dallas Mavericks.. Not only that, Lamar leaves in the morning. Khloe doesn’t blink an eye. She knows she will stand by her man no matter what.

Next week Khloe arrives in Dallas ready to set up a new home while Lamar has a rough time adjusting to his new team. The next episode of Khloe and Lamar airs Sunday, April 8 at 10 p.m. (ET) on E!


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