Desperate Housewives 8.19 "With So Little To Be Sure Of" Recap

It’s a tough time to be a Housewife on Wisteria Lane, isn’t it? Lynette is struggling to get her marriage back, Susan is struggling to be a single parent, Gabrielle is struggling to survive on a scaled back income, and Renee is struggling to maintain a normal life with her new fiancée, Ben. But perhaps no one has it harder than Bree, who started off tonight’s episode by being taken into custody for the murder of Ramone Sanchez (at Renee’s bridal shower, no less!)

The girls are, naturally, beside themselves as they thought the whole ordeal was over, and after Bob bails her out, Bree tells them about Orson’s letter. The girls decide they’re going to help Bree out no matter what, and Gabrielle goes to Carlos, begging him not to turn himself in despite the fact he’s the one that actually committed the crime. Read More...


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