'Mad Men' Recap: Race You to the Toilet

We open with Betty, struggling to zip into a dress to convey that she's gained a few, as if we hadn't already noticed that her face is twice its normal size. Perhaps this is for new viewers who haven't seen that January Jones is normally about as big around as a Pall Mall. But those were learner times, and the opening with Betty is welcome since she was missing from last week's premiere, apparently because she was too busy eating Bugles in a pink quilted Snuggie of yesteryear. She refuses to go to the Junior League dinner with Henry because of "woman" problems, i.e., Bugles. Then her mother-in-law gets on her back about how she shouldn't let herself go, suggesting she pop a few diet pills and get it together. "Why haven't you taken them?" snaps Betty, reminding me why I missed Betty. Meanwhile, in an all-too-obvious contrast, Don zips up his go-go dancer, carpet-cleaning-in-lingerie wife Megan's dress with ease while she chirps in French avec sa mere.  Read More...

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