Bones “The Bump in the Road” Review – More Lovebirds in the Lab?

In this episode of Bones, called "The Bump in the Road", an extreme couponer is found in pieces in the middle of the highway. Evidence shows she was attacked before she ended up under a semi and it’s up to the team to figure out who did it. Was it another crazy couponer? Or maybe a husband who felt neglected? Neither; turns out it was a store manager sick of the woman dragging his store down with her couponing.

Brennan is still getting used to being a mom and finding her emotions get the better of her when she has to leave baby Christine in daycare all day for the first time. She thinks that she can look at things logically and as long as she has the daycare people send her pictures and has checked out their records, she’ll be totally fine with all of it. I was glad to see that she got just as lonely for her baby as Angela. She may not show it much, but Brennan can be a big softie sometimes. Read More... 


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