Gossip Girl “It Girl, Interrupted” Review

Help me out, Gossipers. I just don’t know how to review Gossip Girl anymore. And if I’m being totally honest, I’m not entirely convinced that the writers know how to write it anymore. This week’s episode, "It Girl, Interrupted," was a sad mish-mash of weird character deviations and aborted plot threads, ultimately invoking absolutely none of the jaw-dropping moments that used to make the show must-see TV. Where did it go so horribly, horribly wrong?

Actually, I could totally pinpoint the exact time and the exact circumstances that heralded the beginning of the end, but it might be beating a dead horse at this point. Judging by the lack of enthusiasm over the last episode as compared to what aired before the hiatus, I’m guessing that a lot of viewers have simply given up and jumped ship. To those of you who are hanging on in hopes of a better tomorrow, thank you. My great wish is that your loyalty will someday be rewarded. Read More...



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