Hawaii Five-0 “Ha `alele’” Review – Max Rights a Few Wrongs

In this episode of Hawaii Five-0, called "Ha `alele’" (which is Hawaiian for ‘abandoned’) a case hits one of the team mates really hard. But it’s not McGarrett, because he’s not even in town. We’ve all been wondering how they were going to explain Alex O’Loughlin’s absence, and in this episode we find out. They explain it by having McGarrett leave a note for Danny saying that he was going to look for Joe White so he could give him the real identity of Shelburne. It’s as good a reason as any to have Steve leave town for a bit.

Back on the big island, the team is put on the case of a woman who is murdered at the side of the road. The MO matches a serial killer called the Trash Man, and though that man was apparently put in prison, Max isn’t convinced the police caught the right person. Turns out the Trash Man killed Max’s biological mother and Max went to prison to speak to the man who took away his mom, only to realize it wasn’t him. Read More...



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