Touch “Kite Strings” Review

This week’s episode of Touch was ‘Kite Strings’. This episode neatly tied in with the pilot episode, including some of the characters and tying them back to the US and (sometimes indirectly) Martin and Jake. We also learned a little more about Sarah, Martin’s wife and Jake’s mother, who died on 9/11.

There was Randall, the ex-firefighter who couldn’t save Sarah, and who, in the pilot episode, had won the lottery. We learned this week that his numbers all related to Sarah, that his winning was supposed to be a sign for him to move on, but that he still hadn’t collected the money. He wanted to find a way to use itand find a way to feel like it was time for him to get past Sarah’s death and 9/11, and this week it came in the form of a somewhat dilapidated church and a lacklustre priest. Read More... 


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