30 Rock “Nothing Left to Lose” Review

It was self-evaluation time on 30 Rock this week. As Jack observed, the exercise was pointless as most ofthe employees exaggerated their accomplishments or made useless observations. Let’s take a look at some of the gems provided by the 30 Rock staffers:

"My greatest weakness is humility because I’m probably the most humble person in the whole world." Okay Liz.

"What three words best describe me? The complete package." Right.

"My greatest weakness is . . . chocolate." Of course it is Lutz. Jack got it wrong. Jenna was not the only employee to be completely honest in her self-evaluation. I thought Lutz was being totally honest about his weakness for chocolate. Irrelevant? Yes. But honest.

In an effort to save himself from the futility of reading employee self-evaluations, Jack decided to take a special interest in Pete. Instead of transforming Pete into an energized, ambitious man with a new passion for life, Jack managed to make him a sadder, more depressed version of his former complacent self. Pete was literally a broken man – in both spirit and nose. Read More...



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