Blue Bloods “Some Kind of Hero” Review

What would the city of New York do without the Regans? Babies wouldn’t be saved, murders would go unpunished, and no one would be there to try the criminals. With Jamie saving the baby from the fire, they tried to fill in a Blue Bloods plot hole, but in the end just dug it deeper. What to do with this completely new threat Jamie’s picture makes the paper for his heroism? Again, there’s just no way his picture wouldn’t grace the papers for a think piece on the Regan family single handled running of New York, for the anniversary of Joe’s death, for Frank being in office for so many years, or for Erin or Danny doing something important and they want to highlight the other Regans working for truth, justice, and the American way?

I don’t think Sarge should have needed time to think about whether he was going to save his partner from death by mob, even if he was mad at him. Taking credit where credit isn’t due can’t be fun, but if you have a way to help a friend not die, that should immediately take precedent. It was sad to hear him say that his fake hero gig seems to be making his wife appreciate him more, I almost wished Blue Bloods was more of a comedy so Jamie could say, "Well that probably says your marriage is in trouble more than anything else." Read More... 


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