Fairly Legal “Shine A Light” Review

This episode of Fairly Legal, called "Shine a Light" finds Kate still living with Lauren and trying her best to not give in to Leo’s demands that she join (*gasp!*) the social networking world. Kate doesn’t agree at first, claiming that she wants to have a real life (one that maybe doesn’t include living with her stepmother and working nearly 24 hours a day) before she has a virtual one.

But even though she wants a real life, Kate still gives everything she’s got when a case comes her way that is all about a little guy trying to fight against a big corporate monster. A man is laid off from an airplane manufacturer and he just so happens to know that their latest aircraft – one that he created – has a flaw in it. Trouble is, if he tries to get proof he could go to jail, and if Kate helps him, she could go to jail, too. Neither of them let that stop them though and Kate is able to help the little guy get what he needs to take down the big guy. Read More...



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