The Killing Recap: An Absence of Consistency

I know this one couple that always consults with me before they go to the movies. Since they have kids and are only able to go rarely, they want to make sure they choose wisely. The reason they trust me is because years ago they wanted to see Mystic River and I told them they would enjoy it as long as they realized that it wasn’t a good movie. If they went in thinking it was, they would feel upset and cheated and robbed of their precious free time. If they watched it understanding it was bad but entertaining, they’d be fine.

That same rule applied to the first season of The Killing. It quickly became an exercise in freeing yourself from the belief that you were watching a good show, where things like character and consistency mattered. Instead, what you were actually experiencing was something not good, yet still atmospheric and addictive and starring actors whose faces it felt exceedingly pleasant to stare at. Once you were able to accept that, you were golden. Read More...


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