Being Human Review: Hearts Torn To Pieces

"Partial Eclipse of the Heart" was another in a long line of strong episodes for Being Human. If more serious in nature than we are used to, that didn't distract from the entertainment. Lives were changed and it set out a nice path toward what will have to be a brilliant season finale.

Aiden and Suren: I was so happy that Henry wasn't there to hurt Aidan, but to offer to help. Why wouldn't Aidan listen to him? Was Suren worth running from everything? She was still in the room throwing a temper tantrum because she couldn't have blood. She hadn't had blood for 80 years, and a couple days was going to kill her? Aidan had to face it: she was definitely not worth it. She was a fantasy that he had created years ago and didn't live up to what he remembered. Read More...


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