House Review: (Dis)Honor

I loved this episode!  More so when it first aired, in season 3, entitled "Half-Wit."  In that episode, House fakes being ill in order to receive a cancer treatment that basically gets him high.  His team finds out in the process and in an effort to treat him, find out that he's not really sick.  Watching Dr. Adams convince the team House was ill brought me right back to season 3's Cameron attempting to stick House with a needle and kissing him in the process.

While tonight's episode "Blowing the Whistle," was the first episode in a long while where I found the patient storyline captivating, it was ultimately difficult to watch because House's sick plot was so completely recycled.  But, I suppose if House is going to recycle anything, better this whole "I think House is sick storyline" than a few other choice storylines in the last eight years.  Read More...


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