Smash Review: "Hell on Earth"

With the status of the musical in the air, people moved on and in most cases not to a pretty place, rather to "Hell on Earth."

Ivy and Karen

With them both now relegated to the chorus, they were in search of other work. Ivy went back to the chorus in Tom's musical, Heaven on Earth while struggling with being an almost-Broadway star. The competition between the two hasn't ended as Karen landed a national commercial, while Ivy was late to the audition.

Ivy's use of steroids escalated to her use of a multitude of drugs. That combined with her depression led her to act out and ultimately face plant it on stage during a performance. Her reaction to losing the role of Marilyn, while not healthy was authentic. Very few people have the opportunity to achieve a dream like becoming a professional athlete, a movie star or to headline a Broadway show. The disappointment of coming so close and then having it taken away for a reason entirely out of your own control must be almost unbearable. Ivy has the talent, but she can't make herself famous or a movie star.  Read More...


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