Survivor: One World “Go Out With a Bang” Review

Survivor: One World returned tonight and really made me appreciate my beautiful HDTV and theSurvivor cinematographers. Seeing the beautiful amber sun rising over the contestants as "Go Out With a Bang" got started was quite a visual treat, and the usual sweeping vistas and aerial shots are always a sight to behold.

We got a quick little scene between Troyzan and Tarzan before the reward challenge. I really think thatSurvivor should just start having cold opens for the opening scenes. Trying to shoehorn a real scene of strategizing into the opening two minute scene just feels out of place and disjointed, so I’d really prefer just seeing a fluffy little filler scene to get me into the Survivor mood. I’d like to see just a boring run-of-the-mill conversation between two contestants about non-game related stuff, like Jay talking about his dream. Seeing the contestants develop their relationship with one another will make it more believable when somebody has such a hard time stabbing somebody else in the back. Read More... 


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