Modern Family “Election Day” Review

Claire’s hard work and determination to oust Duane from his spot on the City Council came to a head in tonight’s episode of Modern Family. "Election Day" saw all of the families banding together to support Claire on the day that would decide if she would make her debut in the world of local politics.

Phil was the ever supportive husband who was so enthusiastic about Claire’s foray into politics that he felt the need to capture the moment like some kind of documentarian. Unfortunately for Claire, the daygot progressively worse and instead of just Phil recording every humiliating moment, she’d have to dealwith newspaper reporters and radio personalities witnessing and sharing her rough day.

Although her tooth issues seemed a little over the top, I’ve actually known people who have had similarly embarrassing moments as a result of dental work suddenly falling apart. Poor Claire just had to have it happen on a day when all eyes would be on her. Read More... 


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