'Smash' Recap: 'Hell On Earth'

Oh, man—it went down on "Smash" last night. Julia’s husband, Frank, found out about her affair(s) with Michael, Ellis showed how far he would go for a little power, and Ivy had a pill-and-alcohol fueled breakdown...and turned a new page with Karen. All that, and Tom found out he was dating a Republican! Major revelations all around on the aptly titled episode, "Hell on Wheels." Let’s break it down:

1. Cat’s out of the bag, or rather, dancer’s out of formation. Either way, Frank found out about Julia’s now-ended affair with Michael by seeing the song she wrote about Marilyn on the bridge. He was obviously pissed, and Julia was obviously upset. But their epic fight was just getting started. Frank later ran into Michael, and Michael accidentally confessed that their affair hadn’t just started recently. In fact, this was round two for lovebirds Michael and Julia. Frank then proceeded to punch Michael in the face. While violence is never the answer, he kind of had it coming—or at least, should have seen it coming based on Frank’s previous rage. Besides, Julia got the worst of it: Michael may have had a black eye, but Julia had a broken heart. I kind of had a hard time feeling any sympathy for her, though—what exactly did she expect was going to happen when her husband found out about her affair? (And they always do! This is television!) I really felt for their son, Leo, whose habitual pot use has left him incapable of saying a sentence with any real emotion, but still. Saddest moment of this whole storyline was when Leo begged his father not to leave. He did anyway. Read More...



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