New Girl Review: Never Trust Sweatback With A Secret

Only New Girl could take a situation like the revelation of Schmidt and CeCe’s secret and turn it into a rollicking (that’s right, rollicking) comedy of extremes that had everyone playing off each other like a witty sitcom game of pinball while still give each character a chance to shine. 

"Secrets" went for the over the top absurd style of New Girl that you guys know I love. Winston’s dream about Jess with raccoon hands, CeCe’s roommates, and Nick’s list of far-fetched elaborate excuses all had me cracking up. Yet despite the whirlwind of one liners and great banter in "Secrets", the episode didn’t lose sight of the plot. It struck a perfect balance between immediate gratification by stringing laughs throughout and a larger sense of forward momentum by advancing the plot with the revelations that Nick has the capacity to be a player, and, more importantly, that CeCe actually likes Schmidt. Read More...


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