Best Friends Forever: What Happens When You Have to Share Your BFF?

Art imitates life on the new NBC sitcom Best Friends Forever, which was co-created, written and stars best friends Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham.

"Lennon and I spend, like, 12 hours a day together, more than I have spent with any man or woman," St. Clair told reporters recently on set. "I would say this is the healthiest relationship I've ever been in."

That friendship is the basis for the comedy, which debuts Wednesday. Three years after getting married and moving 3,000 miles away, Jessica (St. Clair) moves back in with her best friend and longtime roommate Lennon (Parham) when she is served divorce papers.  Jessica is startled to see she has been replaced, sort of, by Lennon's live-in boyfriend, Joe (Luka Jones).  "This show is really about what do you do when you have to share your friend for the first time," St. Clair says, "which is kind of a hard thing for women because all through your 20s you are each other's No. 1, and then this guy comes in and ruins everything."


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