Justified Recap: Bennett’s Millions

In a season full of strange bedfellows, Justified managed to shuffle the deck again this week, with a rapid-fire series of deals, schemes, and setups. It all seemed to be barreling toward at least a few of Harlan's bad guys getting swept off the table. That it ended with everybody more or less intact (even the gut-shot cop at the end of the episode looks like he might pull through) makes me wonder if the show isn't super confident in any one antagonist at this point (besides Boyd, who is off limits when it comes to getting killed anyway). But it leaves us with no shortage of scenarios for next week's season finale.

Everything gets so intertwined this week that it's tough to break the episode down by story line, so let's just rock this out in chronological order: Errol presents Dickie to Boyd and the gang, and it doesn't go well. Boyd got a plastic bag over Dickie's worthless face within seconds, and it's only Ava's intervention that stops Boyd from killing him. Oh, Ava's still pissed about that whole incident where Dickie shot her, but she's playing the long game here: If Dickie and Errol are serious about this $3.2 million of Bennett money, that'd go a long way to making it up to her. Easily my favorite subplot this season has been Ava stepping up within Boyd's criminal empire, so obviously these scenes of Ava taking control of the room were big winners. Read More...



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