New Girl Recap: The Big Reveal

Did you catch Wet Hot American Summer director David Wain dashing between Cece and Jess during the six-mile charity run last night? He directed the episode, hence the cameo. Wain’s signature style — a sort of sweet-natured comic absurdism — seems like it would be a good match for New Girl. But with so much drama to get through, there wasn’t much room for his usual flights of weirdness.

Even by New Girl’s shouty standards, last night contained a lot of yelling: Winston hollering at Nick about Cece and Schmidt’s secret romance, Jess primal-screaming in her bedroom after finding out that her roommates fantasize about her, Nick’s collegiate ladyfriends howling at each other over the circle scarf. The noise levels came to a climax with Winston’s bravura performance as Theodore K. Mullins, Nick’s down-low gay lover, which might have been the best moment of an otherwise fairly lukewarm episode. New Girl’s writers have been killing it lately, but it’s hard to make good writing stand out when everyone’s delivering their lines at the top of their lungs. Read More...


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