Psych “Santabarbaratown” Review – A Double-Whammy Ending!

You know, I really have to hand it to the folks behind Psych. Not only did they pull out another themed episode for their sixth season finale (called "Santabarbaratown, based on the movie "Chinatown", which I unfortunately have never seen), but they also managed to put squeeze story in the last five minutes of the episode than they did in the rest of it.

Up until then, I was happily enjoying the extra sleuth-y sleuth-iness of an episode about a murder case that dates all the way back to when Henry was on the force and Shawn was just a kid trying on his dad’s police hat and hoping to be a great cop like his father someday. When the body of a missing woman is finally found, Henry gets pulled into the case and Shawn is soon feeling much like a kid on a school trip with his dad along to embarrass him. Shawn figures out things about the case he feels his dad shouldn’t have missed and starts to wonder if his pop really is the great cop he always thought he was. Read More... 


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