‘Breaking In’ is Getting Cut Short (Again) by FOX

FOX giveth and FOX taketh away!

That is, assuredly, what will be said by the fans of the struggling FOX comedy Breaking In, which wasbrought back to life at the 11th hour by the network after a lackluster seven-episode run last summer. In a rather unprecedented move by the network, the little comedy was rescued from the cancellation axe, getting to air a handful of new episodes over the last few weeks. But, the sad fact that ‘Breaking In’ continued to draw less than stellar ratings, 3 million viewers for its most recent airing on April 3, has seemed to spell its downfall. Read More...



Large 1317818072 utavatar2
Apr 15, 2012 6:15PM EDT

Well,that's probably because they chose to try to "fix" something that was not broken by adding characters that essentially "killed" the feel of a great comedy!This second season of the show was terrible after the first was sheer genius.

Apr 25, 2012 12:39AM EDT

I'd have to agree with cc623 on that...The new cast members just don't fit in with the concept of the show.

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