ABC Studios you got this one wrong...this was a great show!



Default avatar cat
Apr 28, 2008 3:21AM EDT

Really excellent show. Made me wonder why it was canceled and was not as popular as it should been...maybe it was the Hispanic aspect of the show? Being Hispanic I can relate to the cultural aspects of family/religion that regularly crop up, especially family. But perhaps its a little unfamiliar/uncomfortable environment for anglos?

Default avatar cat
May 14, 2008 7:52PM EDT

I really enjoyed Cane, it was a very good show and I am truly disappointed that it was canceled. One reason I am upset about it is that I love Jimmy Smits as an actor, ever since NYPD Blue and was anxious that he was going to have his own show. Another reason is, why would they cancel Cane, and still leave on at least a half dozen other shows that are not even close to being as good as Cane??? This makes no sense to me.By the way, I am Anglo, and I was not unfamiliar, nor uncomfortable watching it. They presented a role for Hispanics that is has often been used with Italians, Blacks, and Asians, and Caucasians, that was accepted and appreciated, so it should have been the same with Cane. Why can't we save it from cancellation, like fans have done with other shows?

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