CW's only good show

Life Unexpected, the tv show, has a teenage girl out to get justice- it kind of feeds the validation that every rebellious and parentally shunned teenage girl dreams of.

To the teenage audience's eyes that are so full of their years being misunderstood and underappreciated, this is justice. Despite that "justice" is taking form of a girl that had to survive treacherous years in the foster care system, and also having the emotional maturity to not be hurt by both her birth parents at each others' necks to push away the responsibility that is HER.

So instead of feeling upset at not being accepted or guilty for creating such turmoil, this girl kind of just gives them the middle finger. Almost like the show is trying to say "im lovable so fuck you dirtbags". Huh. That almost works.

But is this show going to be about a teenager overcoming the trials of childhood (but mainly parenthood for the parents) that she missed growing up, or her adopting a warmer view of life thanks to coming to know her REAL family? But honestly, aren't we all fucked up as regular people thanks to our real parents anyway?

I hated my folks, I do know a couple kids that loved their parents back AND were socially well adjusted. Wow. A life without drama.

It's like they took the Puberty 2.0 pill.

Anyways this show rides the warm and fuzzy crap. But that's good. Less thinking, less talking, less government betrayals, and less bank robberies that took years to think of in prison. This show is a portrayal of being honest. And about second chances. The show is honest, and I really think that quality is going to come out in the scenes of embarassment and vulnerability, which will open the characters to future roads of trust and maturity.

And I think we all know deep inside that we could all use a little growing up, whether we knew how to or not.

I might watch it. Any takers for bets on the season getting axed though, leave a comment, my people will contact your people.


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Jan 18, 2010 2:39PM EST

Wouldn't surprise me if it did got the axe- simply because all truly awesome shows seem too. Lets face it- the world has crappy tv-taste.
I think this show is going to be excellent though and hope for the best.

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