'American Idol' Top 8: Duets surprisingly great on '80s night


Typically, an '80s night of any TV show would have us very excited, especially one that is musically-inclined. However, considering how poorly Billy Joel night went, we have our reservations about this batch of "American Idols" tackling '80s mus- oh dear God in heaven, what is Steven Tyler wearing tonight? He's like Josephine, the Amazing Technicolor Drag Queen. And Randy looks like he's attending a clown funeral after the show wraps.Seacrest welcomes us by saying this music will take some of us back to our high school prom. Well, sure. And for some of the viewers, they're at home asking their parents what the "eighties" are.1. DeAndre Brackensick, "I Like It," DeBargeWe're running out of ways to critique this guy. He picks boring songs, his falsetto is not as good as everybody acts like it is and he's so milquetoast on stage that we need toothpicks to prop our eyes open. Now, when he gets...



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